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A creative technologist at heart, Anne-Pieter (AP) Strikwerda translates ideas and brands into digital experiences.

After several years of working on, AP now operates as a freelance web developer — creating websites, web animations, and other digital solutions.

His skillset ranges from scripting & design to search engine optimization & content writing.

About this website

The concept arose from the desire to learn three.js and GSAP JavaScript libraries. Three.js is used to process 3D graphics and GSAP enables you to create timeline animations.

The tumbling coffee mug was made with Vectary and animated with Blender. The glTF animation is controlled by GSAP's ScrollTrigger. The further you scroll down, the more coffee escapes.

This website's code is generated with Hugo, a static site generator. Hugo's fast built times & esbuild bundle feature delivers a neat workflow when working with large JavaScript libraries & when iterating a lot.


First up, Shopify Hydrogen's website design. I was heavily inspired by its 80's computer game feel.

The GSAP forum, and in particular this post, which discusses how to adjust the camera and scene positions of a fixed scene on scroll with GSAP. The forum of three.js and especially this post on how to start a glTF animation on scroll.

My buddy Joost from Usecue for pointing out how awesome Hugo is.

if you're interested in the services I offer, send me an email at and I'll get back to you a.s.a.p